Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

If you need professional carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne‘s Western or Northern suburbs, you need Elite Carpet Care. Why is Elite your best choice?

  • Highly experienced carpet cleaning technician
  • Industry-leading steam cleaning machine
  • Only the very best quality cleaning solutions
  • Competitive pricing for all cleaning jobs
  • Servicing all Northern and Western suburbs

Call 0408 807 420 to get a free carpet cleaning quote from Elite owner Robert Leheny. You can also use the form on the right and we will call you back asap.*

Clean, dry carpets within four hours

Our great steam cleaning system uses a ‘Rapid Dry Steam Process’ which enables us to achieve a deep clean that requires less drying time. Your carpets will be ready to walk on straight after cleaning and dry within 2 to 4 hours!

Competitive prices for carpet steam cleaning

We offer competitive rates for high quality cleaning. Our aim is not to undercut our competitors but instead to provide a better quality clean. You can get a free carpet cleaning quote by calling Robert on 0408 807 420 or filling out the form on this page.

Quality carpet cleaning machine and solutions

We use a high-quality truck mounted steam cleaning machine and only the very best cleaning solutions. This guarantees that you get a thorough, deep clean that is safe for children and pets. You don’t need to provide any power as our machine stays in the van and is powered by the engine. The only thing that we will need from you is a water source – an outside tap will work perfectly. All that comes into your house is the carpet cleaning solution and recovery hose making the cleaning process quick, easy and less obtrusive.

What do I need to do prior to carpet cleaning?

To ensure that your job is completed on time, it helps if you are able to move everything off the area of carpet that is being cleaned. This can include sofa’s and chairs, tables, TV cabinets and storage and rugs. If you have any questions about what will need to be moved, please feel free to call on 0408 807 420.

What should I do after my carpets are cleaned?

Because we use ‘dry steam’ technology, your carpets will be ready to walk on immediately after being cleaned. We recommend leaving windows open allow airflow over the carpet. Furniture that doesn’t restrict airflow can be moved back onto the carpet shortly after cleaning. Mats, rugs and furniture that sits directly on the carpet can be moved back on after four hours. We offer a carpet cleaning follow-up service which allows you to call and speak to us after your carpets are cleaned if you have any questions.

Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne service areas

We service the Western and Northern suburbs in Melbourne for carpet steam cleaning. If you need a professional steam cleaner outside of these areas, just call us on 0408 807 420 for a free quote.  

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