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Proven Tips to Make a Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution at Home!


When considering the hygiene of your day-to-day life, tiles and grout cleaning sum up a major portion of it! Unattended flooring can attract a lot of pollutants and bacteria that can seriously deteriorate the health of your family. Unclean grouts are prone to dirt because they are made of cement and porous based materials. It helps to keep the tiles intact, but at the same time, it can be hazardous to health if left unclean. By browsing further, you’ll come across some proven methods to deep clean your tiles, by creating a trustworthy solution. Sometimes a verified cleaning liquid is not available readily, in that case, you can always rely on this solution for a temporary cleaning until you walk in an expert

Let’s understand the ins and outs of this solution.

  1. What to do Immediately?

If you’ve spilled some wine or paint on the grout, then make sure to immediately soak it off using a paper cloth or towel. Rather than washing it away with water instantly, you must first dry off the excess liquid. The sole reason for this is to avoid spilling on the other areas. Using water will directly flow the wine or other beverage to other areas of the flooring. And this must be avoided at all costs!

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  1. Get Some Amount of Vinegar, Water and Baking Soda

After the blotch has been soaked away, instantly rush to a spray bottle in your home. Mix 2 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda into it. These elements are not hazardous to health and work wonders when they come in contact with dirty flooring. Most detergents and cleaning products are manufactured with the base of these elements due to their washing ability.

  1. Don’t use Detergents or Harmful Chemicals

Removing a stain should not come at the cost of your health. If you use uncertified detergents or chemicals to use the tiles, then you may be inviting it to leave residues that escape the eye. Remember that detergents are apt for a separate task, and they cannot substitute eco-friendly cleaning powders.

In consideration of the health of your family, there are several cleaning products that are non-toxic in nature and can be applied to clean the entire floor with ease. The solution of Vinegar, water & Baking soda is a simple replacement for it that can wash off new stains.

  1. Spray and Scrub

Use two to three sprays on the dirty grout & tile, and scrub gently with a paper towel or cloth. You’ll instantly notice that the grout is returning to its original hue, while the beverage is being cleaned off. You may need to scrub vigorously if the stain is a little older and has dried off on its own. For example, the dirtiest grouts can be found in the bathroom, because there the cement-based grout comes in contact with soap and shampoo residue along with a lot of water. These usually go unnoticed and accumulate deeper into the tiles. When left dirty, these stains appear clearly over time and require the immediate attention of a professional cleaner.

  1. Halt for the Floor to Dry before using a Vacuum.

Now that the stain has been washed away, you can use the vacuum to pull out any unwanted particles that have escaped the eye. It’s like a final precaution to keep the tiles clean and blotch-less! Always remember to let the floor dry before running the vacuum over it. This solution of Vinegar, Water and Baking soda can be useful for average looking stains that can be cleaned easily. Although, the experts use verified products to deeply eliminate pollutants from the grout. You must hire tile & grout cleaning point cook at least twice every year to make sure that there are no bacteria accumulations in those grouts.

Some dense oils and thick fluids will be difficult to clean, and may not fade away when you use this solution. The vinegar will be able to break its components, yet the dried oil will damage the grout and the tiles. In any case, if this solution proves to be inefficient over the stains, you must contact an expert immediately.

We at Elite Carpet Care specialise in cleaning tiles, grouts and carpet cleaning. Our professionals use the best quality products for efficiently cleaning your home, and maintaining the quality of the carpets and tiles. You may drop us a call, and one of our executives will suggest a great way to get your home in top-notch condition.


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